What is Happiness?
What does it mean?
Why is it important?

I am no expert on happiness.
I am no therapist, genius, or professional on the topic. 
However, I think I have a good understanding of it.
The dictionary defines it as: A state of well-being and contentment; joy
But it is much deeper than that
You hear the word all the time, it seems like a simple word, a simple idea. But it is much more than that. Think of it like this: Happiness is the reward, but it is out of direct reach. To get to it, you need a step. Your step, whatever it may be, gets you to happiness.
That step comes in different forms for all of us. Some common examples are sports, friends, family, nature, video games, or exercise, there is no end to the list. 
For me, it's music. I achieve happiness through listening to music, whether it be on speakers, through my headphones, in the car, or with friends. The idea of music is what motivates me. Without music, I often fall into a spiral of procrastination and boredom. It relieves my stress. It makes me feel alive.
This is happiness.
Think to yourself. What brings you joy? What shines a light when everything else is dark? It could be a person, a feeling, a hobby, it could be anything.
Happiness comes in more forms than seems possible. It comes easier to some people, but it is achievable by anyone.

If you are not happy, I want you to listen
Happiness has absolutely nothing to do with social status, race, religion, gender, or physical appearance. Although certain groups may seem to be less happy than others, it just means they are searching in the wrong place. 
Happiness is 100% up to you. It is your choice. Although it may not seem like this, anyone can be happy once they find their path. Once they find their step. 
On the flip side, it is okay to be sad. 
Without sadness, happiness would lose its meaning. 
Being sad, frustrated, or scared is perfectly normal. Everyone is at one point. But you need to know that it's temporary. Sadness is a stepping stone to happiness, it will pass.
Music helps me achieve happiness. What is your step?
To summarize, happiness is a mindset. It is a decision you have to make. Finding your light will help you achieve it. 
Sadness is an excuse.
Don't make excuses.
Find your step.
Find your happiness.
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