We all die.
No matter how good you have it, death is inescapable.
So why live?
What gives life meaning if it will end in death every time?
I don’t have an answer.
Nobody does.
It is up to you.
What will you make of life before your time is up?
Some people want to be great.
Some people want to be wealthy.
Some people want to be content.
I want to die happy.
I strive to live my life every day, so when I die, I die happy and know I did everything I could to make my time on earth worth it.
We all worry too much.
Scared of the unknown.
Afraid of death.
Terrified of life.
We worry because we will never know how long our lives will last until death is on the doorstep. 
As soon as you fear fate, you forget the meaning of life
Fear of death is the fear of living.
I implore you to embrace life, and welcome death with open arms. 
Never chase death, but be aware of its infinite presence.
Death has no cure.
No solution.
No escape. 
Dedicate yourself to being content with your life.
Be happy with the life you live.
Make every second count.
You are only here once.
Embrace it.
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