Life is an Illusion.

We are specks of dust on a rock floating through the never ending depths of the universe.
Yet we all go along our lives like we’re the center of that same universe.
We walk past people on the streets every day and notice their face, their complexion, their person.
We fail to realize the life they live.
Every human you see is living a life.
Not just a life, a completely separate complexion of memories, knowledge, and consciousness.

Do you remember the man you saw on the street yesterday?
You may have noticed the left side of his face looked unusual.
You might have seen he was on the phone, crying, yelling at the person on the other line.

We notice the flaws in people, it’s natural, it’s human nature.

What we don’t notice is the story behind those flaws.
That man served in the military and was recently released from the hospital from a chemical burn on his face, chest, and arms. 
He was on the phone with his wife, who wants a divorce because he was deployed for a year and has no time to spend with his two kids.

It’s impossible to ever know the story of this man without meeting him.
Now imagine all the other humans you have walked by. 
All those people with all those stories.
Memories that belong to them.
Secrets only they know.

Your consciousness is grown past the point you will ever understand.
Every week is a new meaning.
Every day is a new memory.
Every hour is a new experience.
Every second is a new beginning.

Everyone has an endless complexity behind their physical appearance.
We are told to not judge a book by its cover.
Instead we judge books on their story. 
Their complexity.

What makes humans any different?
We see the flaws and assume their story.
Is that not what we have been told to avoid doing?
How will we ever know their story?
Humans are not books.
We cannot turn the pages of a human mind.
There is no index.
No chapters.
No conclusions.

The illusion of human experience is only interpreted by those who experience it.
You cannot experience others memories.
The only way is to understand.
We should listen.
Not me.
Not you. 
Humans have to listen.
There are no other options.
The more we ignore each other, the more we plunge into a spiral of regret and ignorance.
We can listen to experiences.
We can listen to memories.
And we can listen to knowledge.

As knowledgeable as you may be, there will always be someone with more.
Why not listen?
Why not learn?
Why not become a better you?

Not many things are powerful enough to end the human race.
Except one thing.

Until we learn to listen, we will become the death of the human race.
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