As humans, we can’t comprehend that our true enemy may not be human. 

It controls us.
We are all a slave to time.

Time is why we all die.
Billions of years from now, humans may be extinct.
But time will still be there.
It will be forever traveling.
Time is endless.

Now comes to the question humans have been asking for as long as we know.
Is time travel possible?
The list of time travel theories are endless, and likely won’t be narrowed down anytime soon. 
Let’s lay out a few of the more possible theories.

Time Dilation 
Where someone may be in a place where time passes at a different rate, and upon the return to normality, time may have been drastically advanced or slowed, based on their perception.
This is a very real idea. It takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to travel from the sun to earth. We see the sun as of 8 minutes and 20 seconds into the past. Does this mean we live 8 minutes and 20 seconds in the future? Are we time travelers?
(Some great movies showing this idea are
Interstellar, and Ender’s Game)

Self Consistency
Where your time-traveling self has already changed the events in the past or future, so it is impossible to actually change anything yourself. Let’s say you travel to the past. But even in that original timeline, you had still existed there as a time traveler. Time travel does not make a new timeline, it simply changes the one it’s in.
(The movie that best demonstrates this idea is
The Terminator)

Changed History
Where your time-traveling self can rewrite history or the future. This means you will be the first one to alter that timeline. It creates a secondary timeline with the altered reality the time-traveler created. 
(A good example os this is the
Back to the Future trilogy)

Where you can travel back or forward in time, where your time-traveling self has no impact on reality. You will only exist one time, and in one single timeline. Each time you travel, the last traveling self will be erased.
(The best reference for this theory is the movie
Groundhog Day)

Where your time-traveling self has to be time traveling for the same amount of time as you want to go back. At that point, there would be two versions of yourself, one original you, and one time traveling you. Original you would begin time travel at the time when you started it originally. Your time traveling self would go on and take the original you’s place to go on living. The original would be erased from existence at that point. Probably the most complex theory, but definitely a theory worth recognition.​​​​​​​
(The best example for this theory is the movie Primer)

What if time travel has already been invented?
What if someone made a time machine, changed the course of history, but gone back and stopped the creation of the time machine to make sure history stays on its natural path?
What if we lived in an alternate universe caused by time travel in the past?
Could there be alternate versions of all of us?
How different are they?

Time will never be fully understood. Sure, you can calculate relative time based on science. However, time is not simple enough to be ‘solved’.
There is no single explanation to the nature of time and time travel.

Maybe time is just relative to those experiencing it. 
But how is it relative if it is so infinitely structured? 
Wouldn’t we all experience it the same?

We all have a limited time to live.
We call it a lifespan.
But how is it determined?
Is it the time you have to live?
The time you have left until you die?
Or is it how long you can withstand the battle with time?

Time will always tick.
It will tick tomorrow.
It will tick in 100 years.
It will tick after humans are extinct.
It will tick forever, past the destruction of the universe we know.

There is no way to beat it
No possibility to win.

It controls us.
We are all a slave to time.
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